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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Uber Eats Drone delivery
    Create an unlimited Uber commuting plan
    Offer a rewards program for Uber. Ride 10 times get 1 ride free.
    Measure how smooth a driver starts and stops through the accelerometer on a smartphone. Offer these top drivers to customers at a premium.
    Make your own app like Waze or google map coz sometimes those apps will bring you to a long drive instead of a shortcut.
    Combine Uber and Uber Eats App
    Create an Uber app where you could rent cars for events, wedding etc
    Offline uber app that can be used for calling taxi/cab when outside of the country
    Uber for grocery/shopping
    Uber that will let you drive a luxury car. Some people doesnt want to ride on it, but to drive it.
    Improve security and refund features of the application. Consider using cryptography I may add. ^_^
    Does Uber App detect floods?
    Terminate all the driver with 1 star especially those arrogant and reckless. I experienced a lot.
    Please have rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness of their car coz sometimes it has a bad smell like smoke cigarette also the cover it's kinda yucky If you already have these rules please make sure it's effective and implementing.
    Enable GPS tracking to selected relatives of passenger to enhance security.
    Have a scheduled pick-up for daily commuters.
    How about a dating feature :) Like 2 passengers that have the same interest and looking for a relationship, a blind date wherein the passengers don't know who will be their date. They should agree on the drop point and the uber will pick them up one by one and the date starts at the car so they will know about each other even before they get to their romantic date.
    They should have a tracker of how often subscribers use their service and have a special promo for them.
    How about Uber ambulance? This is a big help especially in a place where there is a limited ambulance.
    Another thing is they should have a modified vehicle to better accommodate the disabled person, e.g. modify the back portion of the car so that the wheelchair can fit in.
    Also add a house/office moving service. It would be an all in 1 package.
    User idea image
    Add more entertainment inside the vehicle, add a Videoke or an Xbox console.
    User idea image
    Evaluate the drivers first before hiring them and before making them your personal drivers for your service.
    Uber rent-a-bike! Create bike depositories around the city where in you can rent a bike. Good for the environment! Go GREEN!!!
    Uber bridal car, which you can select and customize your ideal bridal/marriage car. Would love to see Mercedes Benz S-Class or Rolls Royce Phantom bridal car.
    An Uber where they have dogs you can play with! Pretty sure dog lovers will choose that, it will also help reduce stress :D
    User idea image
    Loyalty cards or reward cards for regular Uber customers as an appreciation for continuous subscribing.
    I'm more concerned with the safety of both drivers and passengers. Is there any way for the company to revise their legal rules and practices? I mean, Cab drivers are held to certain standards. In San Francisco, for example, they must speak English, have a clean criminal record, and complete taxi driving training. Also, cab drivers must show good health, proof of residency, and hygiene, and have a driver’s license. In Los Angeles, prospective taxi drivers must have fingerprints on file and must pass a nationwide FBI criminal background check. By contrast, Uber drivers just need to have a car in working order. Passengers aren’t the only ones at risk — there are numerous reports of Uber drivers being attacked, too. Recently, an off-duty Boston police officer assaulted their Uber driver unprovoked. Another driver had his jaw broken by an unruly passenger.
    User idea image
    Agree with Ron's idea, there are cases that the driver or the passenger was in danger during the ride. The app should have a KYC feature or a feature that will give you all the information of the other passenger as well as the driver's information. It's like a group chat wherein all of your information is visible to each other during the ride. Also how about bulletproof glass between the driver and passenger seat, that will be pricey but there are occasions that the driver/passenger was shot during the ride.
    Think of a way on how to reduce surge rates.
    User idea image
    I wonder if its a good idea if users will be able to view reviews for each driver. Sure a driver may have a good rating up-front but sometimes its the few neutral or low scores that matters. It might be serious.
    Per Jason Calacanis - Make electric scooters & ebikes available free for anyone who has spent $50 in the past month *or* $250 in the past year on Uber car rides. This would negate the threat posed by scooter/bike companies while making cities more functional.
    User idea image

    Uber. Nice ride especially downtown. More coverage not only in the city but in near locations. Safer ride and accomodations. Comfort and affordability. 

    Create a package for a certain amount of rides for a certain price, such as $300 for 50 rides under 10 miles for example.

    Create real reviews on certain drivers. For example, I can write something about how my ride was very smooth, relaxing, and easygoing.

    Partner with certain restaurants, so they can offer free delivery, and this would bring more people on the app.

    Take out the fees in the uber eats app. I want to know be paying a set price, not a service fee and a small order fee. This discourages small orders especially from college kids.

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