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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Add a voting system wherein every week we will vote on which brand/platform to be added to the dashboard.
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    Put users the ability to sort the ideas. New, Most Popular, Ascending and Descending Alphabetically.
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    Put a request a project section.
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    TrollBox/Chatbox for live chats and announcements.
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    Add a notification when there's a newly added idea/comment on your posted idea.
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    It would be nice if I can see who upvoted/downvoted my added idea.
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    Instead of having all the categories in one page, create a page for each so that you will not have to scroll that much just to get to the project that you're looking for. Especially when the time comes a need to add more categories, designating a page for each would be great!
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    I have just found out that you added an anchor link to each of the categories at the bottom of the page right above the footer links, It would be great to add a nav link for "Categories" (with drop-down menu of all the current categories) that will act as a shortcut when your at the top of the main page.
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    Add an upload image option when replying to the ideas of other members, this way you can have a better discussion with each other.
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    Why not try to make the comment section a WYSIWYG HTML Editor that enables rich text editing capabilities like making ordered and unordered list as necessary when posting your ideas.
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    Having the ability to edit/delete your comment would be nice. Also, a feature that will give notification if someone upvoted or downvoted your ideas. A chatroom would be awesome as well, for example, a chat room for a specific topic so others can discuss their idea real time.
    I would outline clearly how to earn coins and what you can get for the coins you get clearly on the main page. Most people are more likely to respond if they know something is in it for them! I believe if you show positive reviews from users on main page it would spark interest in new users as well!
    It would be much easier to create different sections for each project categories which would make the platform more user friendly.
    The organizational format for categories should be adjusted to make the site more user-friendly. The landing page should present all the options. What categories are available to look through and the process/rules of the site, for people who are new or discovering the site organically.
    The ability to search by specific category, as mentioned before. Ultimately though, a change in colors and placement of icons on the website display would make it more appealing and easier to navigate.
    It would be great to have a video or some sort of introductory media to help those who are unfamiliar with what is going on within this platform. It is more inviting and supplies users with a sense of community. They can better understand what you all do, and make a conscious effort to move forward or opt out .
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    Have the different categories in clickable link to find certain topics.
    I think this site should be more personable. Add more interaction to people comments! The layout can be more inviting as well.
    By allowing each and every one to speak his opinion on the platform.
    Make a bubble that pops up when you first go to a site that explains how the site works.
    I would add all social mafia accounts so customers and follow all your moves. I would make the logo much more bolder and brighter.
    First I would make sure the site is responsive for mobile and desktop. I would make sure all grammar errors are corrected. I would allow user to vote on their favorite options and leave a comment stating why it is their favorite. I would also make categories relating to people interest, that will allow them to vote on things they are interested in.
    It is easy to scroll through contests and get lost in searching what to comment on first. We see thousands of photos on social media sites today and don't blink twice as we skim through the content. The current generation needs more eye catching content to stay interested. I suggest thumbnail GIFS and short video clips upon click for each project rather than singular photos and title descriptions. That way each post will get a longer view. Also adding a news letter with filtered content and updates on weekly prize winners will encourage users to reach the goal of exclusivity.
    Separate by category that way you can easily navigate to what you find most interesting
    The dashboard banner needs to be stationary and not move with the screen, that way when scrolling up and down you don't feel as if the banner is covering some text.
    I suggest creating a survey for each user to complete when they create an account. The survey should ask questions that will help figure out the users interests, likes and dislikes. Once the user completes the survey, you should review his/her responses and then create his/her home platform based off of the responses. For example, if I completed the survey based on my interests, the results would include: fashion, beauty, health, and food. From the responses, my home page (or suggested videos/articles) would be all about fashion, beauty, health and food. This would help improve the site and improve the feedback that each user is getting, as users will be able to easily comment on things they actually care about. I would also include a request a project section so users have a way to voice their opinions. In addition, I would add a direct message/instant message aspect so that users can contact writers and ask them about their products and get quick responses.
    Advertize more so people are aware of this platform.
    Categorize every subsection, and allow sharing on other platforms for more outreach.
    Show on the side of the name if you're a top idea sharer, top commentor, top liker, etc. And show on every member dashboard the idea they shared, the project and how many likes they got because the recent member dashboard only shows the project where we share the idea and we need to go to that project and scroll if we would like to see/check his idea.
    Have an achievement section on our profiles and users can be rewarded with CreateCoin tokens once they were able to complete that task. For example, "Submit 100 ideas", "Like 50 ideas", "Comment on other user's ideas"
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    When a new contributor signs up, ask demographic details and interests. This way, it is easier to perform targeted content marketing, and the contributor will no longer have to look for topics that might be of interest to them.
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    Enable editing your texts and recording your previous comment so that people can also see the changes that have been made. I also suggest that maybe we can make the texts smaller (or compact) and put these ideas in a group box along with the project/product.
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    Allow users to follow or add each other as friends so the interaction is easier.
    I would suggest an introductory video or a bio about what the website is all about. It would make visitors feel more comfortable and have some knowledge on what they are looking at. I know that when I go on websites, I like to know exactly what the website is all about. The header that holds the dashboard and search bar should stay fixed and not move as you scroll through the page.
    By creating rating system for each and everyone's ideas and opinions.
    By creating rating system for each and everyone's ideas and opinions.
    The descriptions of each project should be more detailed, so that people who are not familiar with the subject will be able to get a quick and simple understanding of what they're trying to improve.
    Editing features and more tests and voting polls.
    Add a "Recommended" side bar, similar to the one on the homepage. This could include like-minded topics or pages that the top users have visited. This should help increase engagement amongst users.
    Develop an APP , where you can scroll through pages and offer your ideas quickly. Make it very simple and basic. Reward the person with the idea. Instead of thumbs up , create a poll weekly to check which idea everyone believes is hot, create "hot" streaks to allow profiles that have contributed a lot to be recognized.
    Putting the links of the categories at the top of the home page instead of the bottom so users can easily go to the categories that they are interested in when they first go onto the website.
    At the top of the homepage, add tabs for the different topics of categories/sections. And include videos instead of a picture as the main "image" under the question to help showcase the topic a little more.
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    Provide links to relatable websites and/or content based on the content of the comment.
    It would be better is different colors and designs are used.
    For someone who doesn't know what this platform is, logging onto the website is pretty confusing. There is a lot going on on the homepage with no explanation. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage to find the "about us" page that still does not explain what your platform does; rather, it shows your team. When I logged in for the first time and was given the "tips" was the first time the platform made any sense to me. My suggestion is to put the "about us" section at the top of the page and include the information from the "tips" you receive when you log in. You can engage and entice more users to join your platform if there was a clearer understanding of how it worked!
    User pages with information about comments, shares, posts, and coins earned.
    There are a number of ways this platform can be improved. Here are just a few suggestions: If the platform is considering to target a wider audience, mobile compatibility is necessary. Creating an app for it is a good idea, but the existing website should also run smoothly on the latest smartphones. The site also needs a bit of search engine optimization. It is indexed in Google but it isn't easy to find. The content on site also needs to be sorted in a user-friendly manner, like adding the categories of the projects on the site's drop down list or menu. A news and updates section regarding the projects covered by the community can also be added. One thing I like about it is it highlights the reward system.
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