Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Sorbets from an American Company

How would you make Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream better?


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    Create a Low-Calorie version just like Halo Top.
    Please make a 0 sugar ice cream.
    Need more variety for ice cream with cookies.
    Run a crowdfunding contest for celebrity inspired flavors
    Add fruit flavors too
    Make an 8 in 1 flavor in the menu.
    Collaborate with chocolate brands to create new flavors just like what Dairy Queen is doing.
    Make region locked flavors exclusive only to that region. Base the flavors that is representative of that region.
    Try to add up another flavor like strawberry bubble gum flavor which for sure it will be in demand not for just kids as well as for adults.
    We definitely have heard/tasted fruity flavors for ice cream. Why not turn popular dishes into an ice cream, like spaghetti, chili crab, poutine, creamy pesto, perma ham, ratatouille, mac and cheese, carbonara, seafood paella, chicken parm, hummus, Ohmi-gyu beef steak and so on.
    A crypto themed flavor would be cool!
    Make a line of lactose ice cream (Not frozen yogurt) of your most popular ice creams.
    Make use of different food additives.
    Create a sherbert or sorbet ice cream flavors
    Make smaller sizes of each flavor at cheaper prices for those who just want a quick snack.
    Diabetic friendly ice cream
    How about smaller, bite-sized portions? I know Ben & Jerry's is known for their pints, but a smaller option could appeal to more people. Almost like one, mini scoop.
    Add chocolate dark chocolate wafer cookie also have a hazelnut speculos cookie bits ice cream
    Well, the quality of the icecream is already great and they have a lot of variety. I think starting to think vegan options and more healthy ingredients, other options for new potential customers and modern markets.
    Find young upcoming celebrities to endorse the product, create special unique flavors + a low calories ice cream to expand and cater towards more people. Hand out special limited edition if there are events or upcoming popular movies.
    Add in a variety of styles of ice cream: Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, froyo, etc.
    Creating flavors that are specifically marketed to adults and kids. Adult flavors can have alcohol infused into their ice creams and kid flavors can have collaborations with well-known candy brands.
    Collab with top artists in the music industry and have their personalized flavor. And localize the flavors while using ingredients from local farmers/vendors.
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    Make a line of city specific Ice Cream flavors so people would be more willing to buy it based on their pride. For example: "Fudgeghettaboutit" for New York or "Los Angelic Sherbert" for LA
    Ben & Jerry's is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to ice cream. They are creative, progressive, and always keeping with the trends. They have delivered on multiple sizes of their ice cream, an extensive list of flavors, and recently have joined the vegan ice cream movement as well. Ben & Jerry's also works hard to contribute to multiple organizations and charities that benefit the environment and social justice causes. It would be in good interest for them to create an ice cream that supports a movement that they back. For example, a portion of the proceeds from a specific flavor can go to a charity they believe in. Further, to keep this idea fresh, they could change the charity/organization each month to support a different group.

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