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How would you make the next Avengers Infinity War movie even better?


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    Heard that Chris Evans as Captain America will end his story here and will replace by another actor. Hopefully, the flow of the story will still the same and the action is jampacked as before.
    Add more Marvel character!
    Make HULK kick Thanos A**. Make Hulk 101 % angry. Add Deadpool, Antman, and Xmen. And is it possible to have a DC guest like Wonderwoman? LOL!
    Now or never for a Hulk solo film
    Avengers with Wolverine will surely hit.
    Why not just stick with the comics original storyline, it would've been cooler if Captain America really died in the civil war, really gives out the needed plot twist!
    Let's add minor villain.
    Add in a new villain and make Thanos a part of the Avengers!
    How about a Solo Movie of Thanos? The next movie will show how Thanos become the Mad Man and the most dangerous Marvel villain.
    Many theories are circulating around the internet since the next Avengers movie will be showing next year ( 2019 ), they should take some ideas from different fans like Ironman will be getting or will create his proton cannon or Loki is just messing with everyone else again. That he died during the attack of Thanos on Asgard.
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    What about change of plans, like Captain America still survives the battle with thanos and let him fight side by side with Captain Marvel. And they will insert the story of captain america having a daughter. Which will become the new captain america when Steve Rogers die, his daughter will be raised by doctor strange.
    I can't wait for the next movie next year! I hope they show ironman's baby too. LOL! And how he can still manage to save the world! LOL
    Galactus in a Marvel movie would be interesting, Galactus vs. Thanos!
    Add a Partner for rocket raccoon.
    User idea image
    Recruit Ant-Man and Wasp to help them travel through time using Quantum Realm time vortex.
    Upgrade War Machine's suit by adding Proton Cannon.
    User idea image
    Make Groot's ability to create fully-functioning mini clones to a colossal one, same as the size when he manipulates his size into a big one.
    make a suit for Captain America!
    User idea image
    Why not Marvel Vs Capcom? I mean the video game was a success, can they sort of like make a movie out of it?
    New swordsman avenger.
    User idea image
    add Goku!
    User idea image
    i love batman & catwoman... hope they can include them in the next movie. i know it's impossible cause their DC but it would be fun if it is.
    What if half of the universe population was not truly dead, they were just transferred into the quantum realm where ant-man was stuck. Then ant-man will see other Avengers members and will find a way out. After getting out of the realm others who don't have powers will have some like wasps mother, who has a healing ability because of the quantum realm. Or because of that, Starlord will be able to regain his celestial powers like his father who can create massive planets from void/oblivion.
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    Improve their weapon to a super powered-weapon
    I think the movie is just confusing for people who haven't watched watched the other Marvel movies. I guess they can do better when it comes to transitioning the movies from one another. At least that way, the new fans won't be as confused on how all the movies are connected.
    User idea image
    Hope that the Avengers film will have a funeral scene for Stan Lee in retrospect as his last cameo. ~ Excelsior!
    About the news of what happened to Stan Lee, I wish that they will create a part on the next Avengers movie wherein they will pay respect or give some special part for remembering Stan Lee. :'(
    Some characters should show a happy mood!

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