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    Maybe they can have a multitask window like the android phone which can have at least 2 windows open at the same time as you can watch a movie while texting.
    I agree. Maybe they could make it more user-friendly like android.
    Have a battery life equal or greater to all premium phones
    Make a new apple lineup that has a midrange performance/specs, this will compete with other phones in the midrange arena.
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    The small matter of typing. Sometimes tapping the skinny virtual keys on screen is frustrating.
    Bring back the headphone jack please.
    A modular type model, enabling people to customize parts.
    Use Type-C instead of proprietary Lightning. This will allow faster charging and compatibility with the Macbook which also uses Type-C
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    Cooperate with Google and have a single open source OS.
    Let us bring the newest version more advance, bring a hologram features available on the next iPhone.
    Drone phone (the iDrone). Because who doesn't want their phone hovering two feet above their head?
    Kinetic powered mobile- will be charged when you move.
    I phone with a built-in holographic keyboard and projector, that will be an awesome innovation. Imagine a phone that has a holographic keyboard where you can type with ease like a computer while the image can be seen by the use of its built-in projector. You just need a smooth surface for the keyboard and a white wall for the projector.
    How about a 360-degree camera?
    A GPS user/person detector. For example, you're in a mall then you will see or know who are the other people using iPhone.
    There should be an option in the iPhone settings, or an APP where it can track its Bluetooth Earphones. Maybe have like a small light illuminate or something. With how small the earphones are, it's very difficult to find them if they're misplaced.
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    a transparent iphone would be cool!
    User idea image
    Make a lego version of iPhone where you can change its features based on your preference. (Eg. you can switch to a bigger camera lens or Speaker based on your needs)
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    Apple products are costly, so losing one will be a heartache. I think they should improve the find my iPhone feature by adding an offline feature to track the phone wherein the phone will give it's last signal before the phone shut off.
    User idea image
    Stop updating OS that slows older phone models! :(
    Wireless charging
    User idea image
    I agree with @Paolo San Andres, but I heard that many carriers have already shut down their 2G networks! We can still use this for these kinds of incidents.
    User idea image
    A foldable iphone! They should apply the latest trend on their phone, to avoid getting burned by S******. (Saw the ingenious Commercials)
    User idea image
    Improve the charger pin cause it is the usual problem of the iphone users and hope they will come up for wireless charger for more comfortable & satisfying product.
    Liquid damage warranty and waterproofing, I know that iPhone has a water-resistant feature for 1 meter but how about making it higher? Instead of IP67 make it IP69 or higher. Also, iPhone doesn't cover water damage like other phone company, how about being the first phone company that covers water damage.
    How about a liquid-cooled mobile? There are many complaints from the users that their units are frequently overheating. I think a liquid-cooled feature can resolve this issue.
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    I just wish that the latest iOS releases will still be able to support old models. It just gives a weird feeling of "oldness" when it comes to devices. It depreciates alot.
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    Bluetooth charging from another phone. Allow you to charge your phone from another phone. Useful if your low on power and your friend has a charged phone, this way you can share the available charge. Allow me to bind commands to physical moves of the phone. I.E if i shake, then this happens, if i flip left or right then run this command etc. Macros. Allow me to define a series of commands or actions that occur. So if i define a new macro on sms, a small floating button appears next to the sms for example. When i hit this it may do such things as, copy the sms text into an email, send that email to whoever i choose, add a reminder to call this person in 10 mins etc. Think automator but for your phone. This would turn the phone into a powerhouse and allow me to quickly perform common actions quickly. Auto tagging of faces or location in photos. This way when i get a call or sms etc from someone I have the ability to quickly display all relevant photos, messages, locations where this person is tagged. This way when your friend calls, and you are talking about an event you both attended or pictures you took, with a click of a button I can see all this info together. Then as it should be context sensitive, with a touch of the picture or note etc I can send it to the other person without having to search through my phone. Call it iMemories or something. Great for friends or even business colleagues.
    By making them of different shapes and size with different colors.
    Expandable and retractable screens so that it can fit in small pockets when it is not being used, but also can expand for easier viewing and working space
    The myriad of features the iPhone already has makes it stand out from the rest, however there are still some ways to improve it. One of them is going back to the basics. I'm not saying that it should have a swiss army knife built-in but rather focus on what enhancements can be done to its existing features, like having a longer battery life or a better front and rear camera. They can also place an outlet for headsets as many iPhone owners want it. Another thing Apple can do if they want to continue utilizing the iOS is to make it compatible with Android apps.

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